Important Dates

• June 21st – Steer Validation – 6:30PM – Risinger’s Vet Clinic
• June 22nd – Heifer Validation – 3:30 PM –  Kaufman FFA Barn
• June 22nd – Lamb/Goat Tag In for SFoT – 3:30 PM –  Kaufman FFA Barn
• August 7th – Kaufman County Livestock Show Board Meeting – 6:30PM – Women’s Building
• September 4th – Kaufman County Livestock Show Board Meeting – 6:30PM – Women’s Building
• October 2nd – Kaufman County Livestock Show Board Meeting – 6:30PM – Women’s Building

2018 Fall Heifer Validation

Fall Show Heifer Validation is for ANY Fall Junior Heifer Shows. We will be validating on June 22nd at the Kaufman FFA Barn at 3:30 p.m.
We are verifying ownership, registration paper upload and physical validation. A $15.00 per heifer fee will be collected.

IF your heifers are not halter broke bring them to the Steer Validation on June 21st at Risinger’s Vet Clinic.
** Heifers validated last fall or summer will not need to be validated unless there has been a change in breed or ownership. **
**** Make sure your heifer is tattooed and the tattoo is correct. If it is not, we will not validate your heifer ****

2018 State Fair of Texas Lamb/Goat Validation

The State Fair of Texas will be held September 28 – October 21, 2018.
If you bought a tag for the State Fair Market Goat and Lamb shows we will be tagging on June 22nd at the Kaufman FFA Show Barn at 3:30 p.m.

State Steer Tag In

If you bought a tag for Major Steer Tags, it will be held at Dr. Risinger’s Vet Clinic in Terrell on June 21st , at 6:30 p.m.
Please Do Not arrive before 6:30 p.m. This is for ALL MAJOR shows validation ONLY!!!

Show Board Officers

  • President: Rusty Ondrusek, Crandall
  • 1st Vice President: Terry Evans, Kaufman
  • 2nd Vice President: Chad Jones, Scurry
  • Secretary: Emily Reynolds, Kaufman
  • Treasurer: James Hines, Kaufman
  • General Superintendent: Adam Davis, Mabank
  • Show Veterinarian: Dr. Dan Turner, Wills Point
  • Sales Committee: Eric Horton, Kaufman
  • Barn Grounds: Gene Smith and Terry Evans
  • Building Coordinator: Emily Reynolds

Board Members

  • Patrick Hartley, Kaufman
  • Larry Taylor, Kaufman
  • Steve French , Crandall
  • Danny McKinnon, Scurry
  • Gene Smith, Scurry
  • Jimmy Council, Kemp
  • Carrie Sharp, Scurry
  • Jesse Wilder, Kaufman
  • Chris Taliferio, Scurry
  • James Hines, Kaufman
  • Robert Heathcock, Terrell
  • Terry Evans, Kaufman
  • Jeff Council, Kaufman
  • Emily Reynolds, Kaufman
  • Billy Johnson, Crandall
  • Bill Thornton, Crandall
  • Steve Nalls, Kaufman
  • Eric Horton, Kaufman
  • Aaron White, Scurry
  • Chad Arrington, Kaufman
  • Kirsten Watson, Terrell
  • Dustin Clark, Mabank
  • Adam Davis, Mabank
  • Jackie Robertson, Kaufman
  • Oscar Pickard, Scurry
  • Chad Jones, Scurry
  • Roger Braddock, Kaufman
  • Tommy Jackson, Kaufman
  • Emily Reynolds, Kaufman
  • Jonathan Deaton, Kaufman
  • Linda Tackett, Kaufman
  • Eric Turnipseed, Scurry
  • Michael Moore, Kaufman

Honorary Board Members

  • County Judge Bruce Wood
  • Mike Hunt
  • Terry Barber
  • Commissioner Jackie Allen
  • Commissioner Skeet Phillips
  • Wylie Taliaferro
  • Ray Clark
  • Guinn Godwin
  • Alvin Corder
  • Bob Mitchell
  • Wylie Roberts
  • David McGee
  • Jean Donaldson
  • Dick Murphy
  • Rollin Heifrin
  • Mike Benge
  • O.L. Blanton
  • Bill Tackett

Division Superintendents

  • Heifers: Jeff Council, Patrick Hartley
  • Commercial Heifers: Patrick Hartley, Jeff Council, Jessie Wilder
  • Steers: Oscar Pickard, Dustin Clark, Patrick Hartley
  • Swine: Billy Johnson
  • Sheep: Carrie Sharp, K. Tillman
  • Rabbits: David Crawford, Amanda Hinkle, Jessie Wilder
  • Dairy Goat – Mariah McPherson
  • Goats: Steve French, Carrie Sharp
  • Broilers: David Crawford
  • Creative Talent: Jackie Robertson
  • Shop: Jonathan Deaton, Larry Taylor
  • BBQ Cook Off: Bill Thornton
  • Dairy Cattle: Ashlee Lawson

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